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Q 01: What is International Life Skills Olympiad?

International Life Skills Olympiad(ILSO) is the world's 1st test on Life Skills for school students in Grade III to XII. This global test is designed to test the life skill levels of the young minds and also to educate & expose them to a wide range of practical Life Skills. One of its kind in the world, International Life Skills Olympiad tests the students on Critical Life Skills like Leadership, Decision Making, Ethics, Goal Planning,Time Management, Negotiation and several other 21st century Skills.

Q 02: How many times has this Olympiad been held so far?

The Pilot for ILSO in 2017, and received registrations from 8 countries. The first round of ILSO was held in 2018, and broke all expectations with participation from 61+ countries.

Q 03: Am I eligible to participate in the International Life Skills Olympiad?

Participation in ILSO is open to school students worldwide from Grade III to Grade XII. The exam will be conducted online. The test will be held for 4 differentGrade Groups -

  • Group 1 - [Grade III-IV-V]
  • Group 2 - [Grade VI-VII-VIII]
  • Group 3 - [Grade IX-X]
  • Group 4 - [Grade XI-XII]

Q 04. Do I have to enroll for ILSO only through my school?

No, you don't have to enroll through your school strictly. Interested participants can also register online directly through the website of International Life Skills Olympiad 2020 (

Q 05: I am from a non-English medium school, can I appear in International Life Skills Olympiad?

The exam is conducted in English only. However, it is not a test of language skills, hence anybody who can understand basic English should be able to participate and succeed in the International Skills Olympiad.

Q 06: When is the examination held?

The International Life Skills Olympiad 2020 will be held on 31st Jan 2021 across the world. ILSO test can be taken anytime on these dates within 24 hours and the test time is flexible for all the participants, so that they can attempt the exam as per their convenience.

Q 07: What is the procedure for the enrollment?

You can enroll online through our website or you can email us your details at (
In case you are a Student, trying to enroll yourself, visit( for all the required information, and ( for registration. In case you are a Parent, trying to enroll your child, visit ( for all the required information, and ( for registration. In case you represent a school, visit ( for all the required information and ( for registration.

Q 08: How do I prepare for the International Skills Olympiad?

On the Lifeskills Olympiad website, you will find the syllabus and Life Skills Guide and practice questions for the Olympiad. You will also find mock tests for your specific grade-group. Besides that, participants can buy other reference life skill books published by Skillizen learning from to acquire new skills and to practice them.

Q 09: Are there any awards for winners and participants?

Yes!!! Top rankers from each group win Tickets to visit The runner ups from all the 4 groups will get prizes such as iPads and Kindles. What's more, all participants across the world will be receiving digital certificates and prizes worth $9.99 from our sponsors and partners.

Q 10: How will I know my result?

The results will be posted on the International Life Skills Olympiad website, on your personal Dashboard, upon Logging in.

Q 11:How do you ensure that there is no cheating?

The ILSO Assessment Algorithm has been established in such manner, that it can detect the patterns of a child’s answers and an adult’s answers, thus ensuring that the children are not taking any help from adults.

Q 12:What is the Disqualification Criteria?

These are the few criterias of Disqualification from the ILSO.

  • . If a participant is caught cheating by the ILSO Assessment Algorithm.
  • . If a participant falsifies their information.
  • . If a participant tries to defraud the LifeSkills Olympiad Foundation.
(Any other disputes that result in a participant’s disqualification are dealt on case-by-case basis by the Chief Convener of ILSO.)

Q 13: How many children can participate on one account?

Only 1 child can participate using 1 account.

Q 14:How can I register multiple children if I have only one email ID?

You will need to acquire unique email ID for every participant.

Q 15: How do I change my Password?

The password can be changed in the 'Change Password' section of the student’s Dashboard.

Q 16:I paid my school, but have not received any communication from your side. What do I do?

You need to contact the school, to forward the payment to the ILSO representatives they are communicating with, and as soon as your registration is complete, you will be emailed your User ID and Password

Q 17:Where is the Exam Center?

As an International Online Olympiad, it can be given from Any location using any mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop(should have webcam) with an internet connection.

Q 18:How and when do we get the hall ticket?

Your User ID and Password work as your Login Credentials on the Online Test Site.

Q 19:My User ID and Password are not working. What do I do?

If your registration has been completed, Click on ‘Forgot Password’ to generate a new password. If your Registration has not been completed, It is likely that your account has been disabled. You need to complete your payment, or contact us at (

Q 20: I want to acquire additional study material for the ILSO preparation. How can I get that?

Additional Study Material such as Skill wise Video Study Sessions, Case Story Videos, Skill Games, and much more are separately available through our Life Skills Partner (