ILSO - World's 1st olympiad on life skills for school students

About Us

Skillizen is a socio-educational venture conceived at Harvard University in the summer of 2011 based on the pioneering research work of its founder. The vision of Skillizen is to equip 1 billion young citizens around the world, with 21st century life skills.

Over the years, Skillizen has developed a comprehensive, criterion-referenced and evidence-backed Life Skills Curriculum for Grade I-XII. This unique global curriculum helps young children to acquire highly practical Life Skills. Scores of children across the world are now acquiring new life skills through this pioneering online curriculum. Skillizen Learning also works with schools across the world to help them integrate Life Skills Curriculum as a supplement to their existing academic curriculums. The hand holding approach of Skillizen includes Life Skills Training for school teachers so that the whole ecosystems for Life Skills Readiness development is supported.

Further research on transferring critical life skills to young citizens showed that asking questions based on real life situations is a great trigger to developing appreciation for Life Skills. That led to the incorporation of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation in Singapore and the launch of International Life Skills Olympiad(ILSO), the world's 1st online olympiad on life skills. In the very first edition of ILSO, Young children from grade III-XII participated in large numbers from 3000+ schools spread over 72 countries across the world.