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'Ethics and Values' are like a google road map that shows you the right and wrong paths while you drive yourself towards a successful life.

What is Ethics?

Ethics is a Greek word that means character or manners. Ethics is essentially a moral guide that helps us to choose between right and wrong, but “right” and “wrong” aren’t absolutes. That is, there are no specific laws governing right and wrong. Instead, they are social constructs for what is considered as the right action that is typically learned from personal experiences and others in society.

What are Values?

Values are subjective; they’re personal, organizational and at times societal, and they vary tremendously from one person to another. For example - One person’s values may dictate that it is important to care for the aging parents while living with them, while another person's value may guide to arranging a care facility for them. Neither of these views is dictated by laws. These personal instincts and actions are mostly led by people's internal value systems.

Importance of Ethics and Values for children of the 21st Century?

Ethics & Values are a fundamental part of children that defines their behavior and influences the way they think, act and perceive things. They are integral and always remain with the children as a very significant part of their character. But unfortunately, there is an acute deficiency of ethics & values in the personal, professional, and social lives of the 21st century. So assessing and administering the right set of ethics and values to young children is not only the need of the 21st century but it also central to their future. It is the core responsibility of parents and teachers to impart and transmit ethical value to children and students. It is important to integrate a criterion-referenced and age-appropriate curriculum on ethics & values at schools and college level to create better global citizens.

About Ethics & Values Olympiad(IEVO)

It is the world's 1st comprehensive online assessment program to calibrate the core Ethics & Values quotient in young school-going children of Grade III-XII. This is designed by highly respectable experts from different industries and all walks of life across the world. This truly global and online Olympiad is designed to test children through Ethics & Value-based decision making covering the following real-world components of life skills in practice.
- Personal Ethics & Values
- Professional Ethics & Values
- Global Citizenship
- Environmental Ethics & Values
- Empathy & Compassion
- Teamwork & Collaborative Ethics & Values


When and where ?

10thFeb 2022

International Ethics&Values Skills Olympiad 20-21 will be conducted worldwide, online on 10th Feb 2022. You can register now for International Economic Skills Olympiad 21-22.


The Ultimate Reward is getting started on the journey !

Besides the grand prizes like branded laptops, tablets, amazon kindle, and global recognition, perhaps the biggest reward of participating in the International Ethics & Values Olympiad is to receive a personalized and insightful Ethics & Values Index report that will enlighten you about your the foundational structure of your ethical DNA.
*Every participants will get a participation prize of Newzworm prime subscriptions worth US$ 9.99

Registration Fees

The International Ethics & Values Olympiad registration fee is $7.99 only or an equivalent amount in the local currency of your country. The registration fee includes unlimited access to the preparation material which includes, Ethics & Values Guide, Real-life scenario-based practice questions with detailed explanations, and Mock Test

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