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Improve your child's Self-Management skills ?

Self-management skill permits a child to develop his/her ability to control the behavior and mood swings, which can prove as incredibly empowering for the child. Self-management is an art that enhances the strength of the child to work toward goals. Self-Management skill is one of the essential skill that should be encouraged. As a parent, you can Support your child in identifying those things that you expect out of him/her by sharing clear and precise directions. For example, instead of asking-

Kindly clean up your room

Please place your toys

Please put the garbage in the bin

Kindly prepare your bag

Just explain to him/her what he/she should do it and why and do share concrete examples of what you expect, For example.

Keeping the room clean brings several health benefits, and it reflects your personality.

To save your toys from getting lost or damaged, it is always better to keep them safe in the cupboard.

Putting the garbage in the bin helps in maintaining a smell-free environment.

Preparing your bag will always keep you ahead of others.

Strict or firm instructions can be confusing at times and may lead to frustration in both the parent and the child. The best way is to communicate the reason along with its benefit.

Another approach that can prove extremely helpful in developing self-management skills is the art of appreciation. Appreciating the child after he/she follows the shared directions will prove a motivating factor for the child to repeat his/ her positive actions.

Power of influence is also a practical approach that can be used by the parents to develop self-management skills in their child. Every child learns a lot from his/her parents and often copy their actions. Managing the emotions by curbing frustration and anger can encourage the child to do the same.

By encouraging the development of Self-Management skills as a parent, you are teaching a valuable skill that will prove extremely beneficial for your child.