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Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for International Life Skills Olympiad

  • International Life Skills Olympiad is a global life skills proficiency test conducted by Skillizen Olymipad Foundation Pte. Ltd. for school students of grade III-grade XII.
  • Each participant is responsible for providing accurate information during registration. Any misleading or misrepresenting information related to his or her identity and any incorrect information provided could lead to disqualifiction of the participant.
  • Since this olympiad is an assessment of the participant’s Life Skills Aptitude, the test should only be attempted by the participant themselves without any help from anybody else.The participants’ ethics and value quotient are being tested through this Olympiad and hence the purpose of taking the test will be defeated if anybody else’s help is sought.
  • Research and test runs done by our life skills experts have concluded that Adults and Children do not think alike when they face real world situations, and if the assessment algorithm (mechanism) finds the answering pattern matching with adult response patterns, the participant could be summarily disqualified and the disqualification decision taken by the Chief Convener of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. will be final and binding.
  • If any participant is found in violation of the International Olympiad guidelines , their participation will be disqualified and they will be liable for suitable legal action.
  • It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that all the details are successfully submitted online along with the payment of the International Olympiad registration fee.
  • Life Skills Olympiad Pte. Ltd. will not be responsible for any of the unforeseen circumstances that leads to the participant not being able to particpate in International Life Skills Olympiad 2020. Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • The first rank holder from each group(G1, G2, G3 & G4 respectively) will get branded laptop*.
  • Second rank holder from each group will get a tablet *.
  • Third rank holder from each group will get an Amazon Kindle*.
  • All valid participants will receive a Digital Certificate, detailed Life Skills Index Report and 1 Year’s ‘Prime Subscription’ of Newzworm (*.
  • The certificate will only be provided to bonafide participants and is not exchangeable in any way.
  • The detailed process to claim the prize will be notified to the top 3 rank holders in each group globally within 30 days of announcement of the results.
  • Participation in the Olympiad shall be considered as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions covered under the guidelines listed herewith. Any breach or default of any Terms & Conditions herein shall result in immediate disqualification without notice.
  • * If a participant misses the olympiad, they are by default disqualified and are not eligible for any prizes and participation certificates.
  • * The Dates and the Tenure of the trip will be dependent on the Country of origin of the winners and their validity to go on the trip.
  • * If Parents/Guardians or any extra person wishes to join the winners on their trip to Boston, their tickets and all other costs will be borne by them.
  • * Employees and Associates of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. , Skillizen Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and Skillizen Learning Global Pte. Ltd. and their immediate family members are not eligible for any prizes irrespective of their rank as per International Life Skills Olympiad results.
  • In addition to these Terms and Conditions, other specific terms may be imposed by Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. to deal with the unforeseen situation. Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. also reserves the absolute right to change the Terms and Conditions contained herein and, or, any other rules and regulations in respect to the contest at any time without any notice, without assigning any reason and without any liability whatsoever. Participants are requested to refer to such other terms and conditions, if any, which may be displayed online or intimated separately by Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. However, there is no obligation on Skillizen Olympiad Foundation Pte. Ltd. to individually intimate each participant with regard to such additional terms and conditions.
  • It is expected that participants not to cheat; if founded or report, the candidate would be disqualified