A world where every citizen is equipped with critical life skills to make effective and ethical decisions as an individual, professional and global citizen

To create and provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced globally by the world of education and governments in the complex task of enhancing life skills index of its citizens. Our mission will be achieved through an evidence backed & criterion-referenced curriculum, life skills trainer certification, and insightful life skills assessment tools

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SKILLIZEN, transforming the decision-making DNA of mankind

Skillizen Learning Global is a Singapore headquartered social educational global organization with deep expertise in the development & administration of Life Skills curriculum and Assessment solutions for improving the real-world readiness of 21st century children.

Our Genesis-daring to do what was not done for 5 centuries in education

The founding seed behind Skillizen was conceived at Harvard University in the summer of 2011 based on the pioneering research work of its founder. Over the years, Skillizen has developed a comprehensive, criterionreferenced and evidence-backed Life Skills Curriculum for Grade I-XII. This unique global curriculum helps young children to acquire the essential Life Skills to effectivelyRead more

Scores of children across the world are now acquiring new life skills through our pioneering online curriculum. Skillizen Learning Global also works with schools across the world to help them integrate Life Skills Curriculum as a supplement to their existing academic curriculums. The hand holding approach of Skillizen led to the establishment of Life Skills University for rolling out theRead more

Further in-depth research conducted by Skillizen educational experts on transferring critical life skills to young citizens clearly suggested that asking questions based on real-life situations is a great trigger to developing appreciation and triggering acquisition of critical Life Skills. That led to the incorporation of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation in Singapore and the launch of International Life SkillsRead more

Our path-breaking Life Skills Curriculum

Skillizen Critical Life Skills curriculum leverages best practices in online and offline life-skills transfer, real life situation based skills practice, and vivid design to create a unique learning experience where participants start to take action towards building a independent life skills foundation. The online life skills transfer sessions are interactive, practical and fun, yet also meet core trainer & learner standards. Some lessons are customized and branded for the marketing and promotion of Exclusive Partners. The

The Skillizen Exclusive Franchisee Partner Program (EFPP)

In line with its global vision of equipping 1 billion children with critical life skills for leading a productive life in the 21st century, Skillizen Learning Global is offering an exciting and transformational business opportunity competent and exclusive franchisee partners across 144 countries. We are seeking partners who are willing to share our vision and prepared to leveraging on the growing need felt among parents for their school going children to acquire and practise real-world life skills

Skillizen's EFPP is unique as it goes beyond the prevalent notions associated with franchising. What we are looking for is not a franchisee but a true partner that will work like an extension of our organization in physical, functional and strategic dimensions. We realise that in growth of the franchisee partner lies our the growth of our mission and the ultimate realization of our global vision. With this in mind, we strive to provide as much as assistance as possible to our partners in setting up, establishing, and growing their businesses. In short, we intend to enter into a symbiotic relationship with individual(s) or organizations who can adopt our philosophy and exponentially multiply the business potential.

Life Skills Education & Training; an Industry with a very bright future

The global life skills/soft skills industry is growing at a very fast pace i.e, 10% CAGR and it is forecasted to reach $38 Billion by 2027. You must be aware that, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and our leading academic bodies across the world advocate transferring of Life Skills to students during the moulding stages of their life. Most countries across the world, have started incorporating Life Skills into the curriculum of schools and colleges. For example; CBSE of India, took the lead with introducing Life Skills Education as an integral part of curricula, and most other Boards are following that up. Similarly, AICTE has very recently made it mandatory through the 'Jeevan Kaushal Curriculum' to include Life Skills training in all engineering and other degree colleges. The Govt.of India has categorically instructed to incorporate Life Skills as part of the college education to ensure that students are made industryready, and a large number of corporate organizations are also looking for Certified Life Skills Trainers. There are similar indicators of explosive growth in the demand for life skills curriculum and assessmedent in many countries across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Is it the right franchisee option for you ?

Market Leader Positioning-Skillizen enjoys the unique reputation of being the first port-ofcall for all life skills curriculum and assessment solutions. That means a head start, strong positioning and exclusive opportunities for partners who seek to promote life skills education while generating attractive profits aligned with their business objectives

2. Unmatched Product Portfolio-offers a portfolio of world-class solutions related to life skills i.e.,
a) Critical Life Skills Curriculum for grade I-XII (300+ video based and gamified online sessions)
b) 4 International Olympiads for grade III-XII on Life Skills, Leadership skills, Ethics & Values, and Economic Skills
c) Individual and school-wide life skills diagnostic assessment programs.
d) A wide range of training & development solutions from Life Skills University including the most valued across the globe -Certified Life Skills Trainer Program.

Global Brand Support Skillizen offers an end-to-end handholding support to the partners including training & capacity building for the staff, customer acquisition through digital marketing, revenue generation, launching new customized local product lines, reduced marketing costs, media awareness, community goodwill, and unique brand recognition. 4

Geographic Exclusivity- Skillizen offers exclusivity to the partners in a certain geography that can help your organization meet its business objectives without any competition while serving the community meaningfully. 5

Personalized Training- Skillizen offers customized and market appropriate training over the life of your business. You can easily expand your business into any of our “portfolio of life skills solutions”, utilizing our knowledge, experience and superior training & market support. You will be able to exchange ideas with fellow franchisees who share your same investment objectives

Very low Franchisee Sign-up
Fees Low Start-up Capital
Low Overhead/Operation Costs as most solutions are online format
Part of global & pioneer brand with no competition across the world
High Profit Margins: 20-30% share of the top line

. Hard-working with desire to succeed.
· Awareness about life skills, K-12 schools and education industry.
· Good people skills, including business, management and customer service skills.
· High personal standards: excellence, honesty and integrity.
· Desire to purchase and take advantage of a proven concept.
· Ability to work in collaboration within a global educational service delivery system.
· A strong and aaprochable relationship with educational Institutions in the territory
· Motivated to change the decision making DNA of future generation with life skills.


Business Development and promotion of Skillizen Life Skills solutions across the country
Provision of dedicated customer support to individual and institutional customers
Evangelize Life Skills adoption in the educational ecosystem
Recruit & support Master Franchisees and Unit Franchisees for business development in their respective designated territories
Generate market insights and provide a continuous flow of information for cocreation of products and segments with Skillizen Learning Global
Country Franchisee Partner to monitor performance of Master Franchisees. Report compliance/non compliance and initiate corrective actions wherever required
Ensure governance practices – as set by Skillizen Global HQ are followed thoroughly